See you at the NASPC (Columbus) Pipe Show August 26-27!

Committed to you.

Yeah, you. Pipe smoking means a lot to all of us, and I truly believe that smoking hand made pipes will give you the best smoking experience. With American Pipe Makers, it's my ultimate goal to bring you the very best service and take the guess-work out of buying hand made tobacco pipes. I personally inspect every pipe that comes through my door, bringing you only the best that hand made pipes have to offer. I have pretty high standards when it comes to pipes, and you won't find any subpar pipes here. Why? Because this is American Pipe Makers: Where Quality Meets Passion.

Things of Note

American Pipe Makers Hits the Road!

2016 Pipe Show Schedule:

St. Louis Pipe Show 2/20
Chicagoland Pipe Show 4/28-3/1
Columbus Pipe Show 8/26-8/27

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